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I just “made up” with a girl who’s been annoying the fucking shit out of me for a month now.
It was just too much to handle, being so consistently angry. So much negativity in an already stressful time. I can’t keep that kind of thing on my head, so I had to talk to her.

So, I had a very mature discussion with her, albeit, on MSN, as she’s too scared of me in person. ( Last time I told her to tell me what her problem was, she held her pet hamster in fear and avoided the subject; small animals were made for just such occasions.) I didn’t say a single bitchy thing tonight. It was perhaps one of the hardest conversations I’ve ever had to have with a person I was pissed off at.

The only way assholes listen is when you keep an even tone and remain slightly complimentary. I guess I know this because I am one.

I feel really good now. But I also feel like there are so many things I could have said. Ugh.

Maturity is so boring.

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