Throwing my goals in the garbage is the most liberating thing I’ve done all day.
Well, first crumpling the list of them up and then ranting on about how they will now reside in a landfill never to bother me again, that was most liberating. In it, I found reason.

milo kitty

Milo-Kitty ran away. 🙁 I’m scared for him. He’s not exactly the Albert Einstein of the feline variety; more similarly, he’s the Grimace, but less ambitious. Since I don’t live in the same city as them, I told my sister she should give out flyers, ask people in the neighbourhood if they’ve seen him since last night, and leave her phone number with them in case they do see him. So far, he was spotted crossing the street earlier in the day, and also walking with a black cat, which I believe to be a false lead, given Milo’s history of racial prejudice. They found another stray cat who looked like him, but who wasn’t him when my sister went to investigate.

Hey, at least we’ve made some tiny progress. People know to call if they see him, and apparently my parents’ neighbourhood is fraught with stray cats. I really, really hope he’s okay.

I move, tomorrow.

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