Isn’t she a beaut!

Welland sunset

Not having pressure to the maximum is a many wonderful thing. I don’t care if I ever finish my program at all! Except for that whole “then it would be a giant waste of money” thing. But isn’t it already? Isn’t it? No.

While the mental pressure has subsided, the pressure on my left kneecap is enough to make me shriek in horrific pain every time I bend, and as such, I have been doing so all day while packing. The knee feels just about shattered, but the leg is also feeling it. Currently just a dull ache that’s somewhat bothersome but easily handled, earlier this week I awoke to the most crippling Charlie horse of my life and hobbled around through my exams as a result. I’m not sure what I’ve done, but I am nearly sure I am in need of medical attention. Former Flight-Captain Doctor, I’ll be seeing you soon.

The stupidest guy in the history of Survivor got voted off. Good. This is going to be one angry jury.

Farewell to my Sambi. Moving away from me is mean and considered a form of torment. Hope Calgary’s cooler than this craphole!

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