"Ah, bitch!"

school's out.

Google is a nice taste of ass. Flickr is also on my shit-list at the moment. But if there’s anyone to blame, it’s myself. Bah. So I’ll say it. HI AGAIN! Have you missed me?? Obviously, since you’re here. I’m just that interesting. Getting a life should be obligatory for all, and I can say that, because I’m finally at the point where I could totally get one! If I wanted to. But I’d rather just sleep.

But hey. Last exam was today, kids. Eight months off without school, and probably without a co-op, and that’s still pretty all right.

Back to reality:
Sambone and I parted ways today. One of the best ladies I ever knew, gone. Another one lost to the Rocky Mountains. Tomorrow, should my phone want to upload it, I’ll have a picture of us pre-hair salon trip, when our hairs were shaggy and yucky. And then I shall frame it. Aw. I miss her so much already, and she hasn’t even left yet.

Tomorrow’s packing day. New place, here we come.

Thanks for that, Karl. SO much.

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