"Maybe they see you as ‘too perfect’."

uprooted / pop the trunk

Well, everything I’ve set out to achieve has basically backfired. Apparently taking on a full course load plus a part time job plus achieving tremendous grades all while heading a student organization is a little too much for some HR people.

“You did great! You did really great! And I’m sure you’ll succeed in whatever you do, somewhere else!”

So, will you tell me again, what the point was, trying so hard and giving myself anxiety attacks for two years so that I’d get a great placement in order to have a hope in hell of graduating?

Apparently I’ve succeeded a little too hard.

The way I see it is this:

Lower your standards. Loser kids with rich parents spend their lives acquiring shit grades in their spare time. Eventually, their parents buy them a guitar, and they write songs that will speak to the mediocre majority, apologizing to mum & dad for not being perfect. In turn, these kids become rock stars.

Rockstars > Me

Case in point: Be a big fucking loser. Then, and only then, will the world become your oyster.

Me, I’m going to get some place. I just have to wait til people raise the fucking bar a little.

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