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This past weekend, we were discussing work and school and life in general, and my dad said, “Aren’t you used to it?”
I said, “I guess.” [Which is my reply to just about anything lately.]

But you know, you never really get used to people shitting on you when you’ve done nothing to deserve it. And I know that’s typical; saying “I did nothing to deserve it”. But at least when I’ve done something to deserve it, I’m understanding of the reactions I get.

What I’m referring to is a situation where, sincerely, I had nothing to do with this person’s shitty day, and they came and blew my flame out to make themselves feel better. You know sometimes when you feel like a puppy, full of life and positive energy, and then some haggard old she-troll gives you a swift kick out of the blue for absolutely no reason? I hate to be full of rants lately, but every time I’m up, something has to happen to make sure I feel like I’ve been emotionally curb-dropped.

Actually, it happened earlier with a shittier person I have to deal with on a regular basis, too, but at least I know why she has hates on me. I’m taller, smarter, and funnier. Not to mention, better in general. But to be honest, it doesn’t take much.

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