employer appreciation disaster

I haggled the shit out of (thesaurus says “hammered out a deal with”) a guy today, and my steadfastness went the distance. My bass amplifier with its limited memories and 70 pounds of weight are now gone from my life; replacing it, a small pile of twenty dollar bills which I plan to sleep on tonight.

Went to a show last night. I hate to admit it but my professor was half right about something: Ale House beer does taste like piss, but only sometimes. Also, I think I hate beer.

I just swindled Goran into hanging out tonight. Read and learn.

Goran says:
you work tonight?
Nik says:
Goran says:
Goran says:
call in sick
Goran says:
i want wings
Goran says:
let’s do dinner
Nik says:
okay let’s do it.
Nik says:
because I do not work.

And that’s how you do it, folks!!

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