"TRAB PU KCIP! TRAB PU KCIP!" "’Pick a bar’?? What the hell does that mean?"

I’m On My Way!

In terms of eating somewhat healthily, that is!

And if eating more than one meal a day (that isn’t from McDonalds) is any indication of that, then yes sirs and madams, I am there.


Let’s face it. I’ll never ease off the caffeine addiction, but I don’t have it much on weekends (weekends are for mixed drinks and salty snacks!) and I have coaxed myself into believing that Tetley Decaffeinated Earl Grey tastes just as good as the regular kind.

I eat breakfast, consume a salad a day, possibly some soup if I’m up for it, and make sure I have dinner and (often healthy!) snacks in between. Now that’s good eatin’! And despite still coughing like a maniac sometimes, I think my undisclosed respiratory virus is finally on its way out. I mean, it only took a month.

I hate when people say “I know, right?”

Oh, and Juno was only good at the end. Most of it was blatantly try-hard, in my opinion.

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