I’m addicted to bargains!!!1

like heaven.

I can’t stop looking around eBay. But I’ve bought a Lithium-Ion battery for my camera for a penny (actual retail price at Staples: $80!), so can you really blame me? Really?? You’ve always doubted me. You don’t know me!

I purchased an expectorant, but expectorating hasn’t really happened yet. I think I have mononucleosis. Maybe I’m just hoping I do because the prospects of this semester aren’t exactly setting my academic loins ablaze. What really does anymore though? These academic loins of mine. They’re stone-colder than your Steve Austin shirt from 1998. Either 3:16, or until it’s threadbare and just plain sad.

I really do hope to stop coughing soon though. I do.

In two weeks, I have to do a short speech about something I’m interested in. All my interests are really half-assed, so the ‘short’ aspect of the speech is particularly appealing. Can anyone remind me of anything I’m interested in?

I don’t even like beer anymore.

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