39 weeks: The final mugshot? Please? And Fitbit progress!

Here’s hoping these are the last bump selfies you need to see of mine. As noted on the Instagram version of this picture, Casey has been following me around non-stop. This isn’t totally unusual as she’s a big needy dog, but it’s definitely been amplified this last bunch of months. … Continue reading

39 weeks: Here’s the nursery!

I honestly didn’t think we would get this far into the pregnancy. Boy is estimated to be 8lbs as of last week (though I know that could easily vary… I’m a house now, so I believe it’s that much or heavier). It’s possible he might be late. This kid hates … Continue reading

DIY: Easy upcycled knotted baby hats!

DIY knotted baby hats

Nope, he’s still not out yet. So until he is, I’ve decided to make use of our time effectively. A lunch date here, a sewn diaper there… Going to make a plush toy or two in the next couple of days, but first! I made these today: I first saw … Continue reading

Important tips to learn before you make DIY cloth diapers

So I’m on this everything-baby kick (I guess that would make sense since my life is about to go from everything us and dogs to most-everything baby) as you might have seen yesterday or the day before. After I posted my cloth diaper result yesterday, a couple of people asked … Continue reading

DIY: Make a cloth diaper!

Yesterday in the burp cloth tutorial, you may have noticed someone cute in the background wearing a prototype sewn earlier this week. Who was this dashing gentleman? No, not our child. He hasn’t arrived just yet. He’s our tester monkey! This time he was testing…   If you’re someone who tries … Continue reading

DIY: How to make your own burp cloths — fast & very easy!

DIY burp cloths

Staying true to the baby theme today, I decided to throw up (heh) this quick and simple tutorial. It uses upcycled materials and becomes something you’ll definitely use for your little one. Got old shirts or towels? Great! Got a sewing machine? Good. If not, you can always hand sew. … Continue reading

DIY: How to make 3 comfy nursing bras for under $15!

here are all three DIY nursing bras

This is where my blog becomes uncomfortable for the few men who still read it. This should scare them off good. My phone app tells me Newborn Boy is on the way within 21 days or so (really??), and with a newborn boy comes the need for baby-related things. One … Continue reading

34 weeks: Back to mother-blogging


The amount of traffic this blog received in giving directions and updates on the ice caves in Crystal Beach this week was immense. You can tell how many free and cool things happen around here on a regular basis. Traffic was backed up anywhere from 4 to 24 kilometres on … Continue reading